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Who is Hidden Hype?

Hidden Hype was founded in 2011 by Rami Tannous in San Jose, California for those with a passion for fashion. Rami’s vision was to create a brand that represented positivity, culture and roots for those who still love the chase. Quality, integrity and staying true to the brand is what’s most important and Hidden Hype stands by these traits. The great vibes of street wear from different cities was something that inspired the creation of Hidden Hype. The passion and pride everyone takes in this industry has made Rami even more driven. Being in the fashion industry for over 10 years prior to launching Hidden Hype, Rami knew his love was for street wear was forever and wanted to pursue his dreams. In 2011, Rami dropped the first Hidden Hype collection in his apartment building and grew the brand into having a strong internet buzz and a retail flagship boutique in the bay area.

“Fashion is a form of self expression and your body is a blank canvas. Express yourself. ”

The Logo

The Hidden Hype logo is an hourlass with 2 “H’s inside. The hourglass represents time. Timing is everything. Hype is something that everyone loves, but what is hidden is never found. Hidden Hype will never lose it’s hype because it stays true to the roots of the brand. Never sell out, never sell yourself short and never waste time. Lost time is never found again. Your time is now.

Internationally Recognized

Hidden hype is internationally recognized by its meaningful and steezy logo as well as its iconic patterns. The Hidden Hype “H Camo” pattern is an original camo featuring many different variations of the letter H. The Hidden Hype “H Paisley” features the hourglass and H leaf through out the pattern..

Hidden Hype focus’s is unique concepts that have a double meaning. Throughout each collection, you will notice pieces that have a double meaning. Whether it’s a hidden message or a hidden pocket/zipper each piece is created with extensive thought, creativity, and originality while staying true to the HH roots.

Originality is key. Never imitate, instead innovate

Sneaker Heads

The love for sneakers and fashion mixed with the huge buzz of Hidden Hype created the birth of Hidden Hype Boutique. The Hidden Hype flagship opened in 2014 and is now recognized as a premier boutique in the bay area. At Hidden Hype boutique, we want to givetat you a shopping experience that you have never received. When you come to Hidden Hype boutique, you will be able to shop in a clean, spacious environment with a standard that will raise the bar in product, customer service, lifestyle, and appeal. Being able to provide you with garments and shoes, we give you the opportunity purchase an outfit from head to toe.

Not only do we carry the dopest ttbrands street wear has to offer, we also carry the most exclusive Jordan’s and Nike’s. We are a full consignment store so if you are looking for that rare pair, we most likely would have it. Our consignment rate is the best at 90/10. Come drop off or purchase a pair today!

Hidden Hype Youtube Channel

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