Giant Underdog Collection Dropping 9/25

Giant Underdog Collection Dropping 9/25

Giant Underdog Collection dropping 9/25.

Have you felt like you are the underdog? Whether your an musical artist, creative artist, an athlete or at your current job? This San Francisco Giants inspired capsule is for you.

The Hidden Hype "Giant Underdog" Collection features only the best quality, many details, and an excellent fit.  Releasing is a hoodie, jogger pants, coach jacket and 2 curved brim dad hats. 


For this collection, we used our 88 number that stands for Hidden Hype as the number for the underdog.  Also, you'll notice an underdog "Home Plate" on the hoodie and coach jacket. 


For this capsule, we are introducing a new color camo called the "giant camo" which features different earth tones colors that adds the perfect detail to the collection.  From inside sublimation on our thick premium coach jacket, to inside pocket lining on our joggers, our Hidden Hype Giant Underdog collection has details that you never seen before.


If you've been following Hidden Hype since the jump, you know that we always provide you ill concepts with either hidden details or hidden messages on each piece.  For this collection, you get the double entendre of us being a Giant underdog in street wear while also staying true to our bay area roots.


Hidden Hype is now in its 6th year since its launch and we are still the underdog.  We always will have the chip on our shoulder.  Underdogs succeed under the most pressure, with all eyes on us and when it's all or nothing.  


The Hidden Hype Giant Underdog collection is for you if you feel like you are an underdog in whatever you do.  Go out there, prove all the doubters wrong, and shine on em! 


Check out the pics below..

 Giant Underdog Hoodie

Hidden Hype Hoodie

Hidden Hype Hoodie

Hidden Hype Giants Hoodie

Hidden Hype Hourglass

Underdog Patch Detail

Giants Dad Hat Hidden Hype

Giant Underdog Joggers

Giant underdog Joggers

Giant Underdog Hoodie

Giant Underdog Joggers By Hidden Hype














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