Hidden Hype Remodel Complete

Hidden Hype Remodel Complete

Hidden Hype Original Location Remodel is Complete.

Hidden Hype remodel is now complete!  What up everybody.  Feels good to write this blog because as you know, Hidden Hype has come a long way.  We opened our first location in Serramonte Mall, which is located in Daly City, the San Francisco area almost 4 years ago.  When first opening, I knew we would eventually remodel our store, but not to this caliber.  


The whole process was fun, stressful and overall a great experience.  This remodel was planned for about a year before we decided to do this.  This took a lot of planning and was executed perfect.  We had the blessing to stay open for a majority of the time during the remodel, which helps because our clients need us to be open for those fresh fits.  


From Architects, to contractors, we didn't short cut anything.   Just like our brand and everything we do with Hidden Hype, short cut is never the answer.   Everything from the countertop, to the sign is great quality craftsmanship.  Everything was custom designed by me with the help of an architect to make sure all the codes from the city were correct.  


Key Remodel changes :


Storefront :  We completely removed our old and outdated storefront with a new one that sets the standard for class, steez and overall look.  I wanted to go with a frameless glass look.  It wasn't the most cost effective choice, but definitely worth it.  


Floors:  We removed our outdated hardwood floor and put in porcelin tile wood planks.  This gives the illusion of wood, but it is tile.  The cool grey color makes the rest of the store really pop.  


Lights:  We changed our track lighting and cam lights with new LED lights that really brighten up the store.  The color of our old lights didn't do our product justice.  Now, you can see the true color of all our merchandise inside the store.


Cash Wrap / Back Wrap:  We switched out our old cash wrap & back wrap and added custom millwork.  We did it to match our Oakridge Mall San Jose location.  The only difference, is we used a quartz to give it a little pop.  


Not only did we do these major changes, we also did a couple minor ones as well.  We are going to be here in Daly City for a very long time and wanted to give you guys a dope looking boutique that really shows you how much we appreciate every one one of our loyal clients.  Without you all, this wouldn't be possible.  Who remembers how the store first looked when we originally opened?  WOW!  What a huge difference.  Just because we completed our remodel, doesn't mean we aren't going to stop innovating and making our business better in any way we can.  I already have a few ideas up my sleeve to make this store better.  Enjoy the pics!


Thank you all for your continued support.


-Rami HH

hidden hype serramonte location remodel


hidden hype storefront sign





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