Hidden Hype Youtube Channel Launch! First video!!

Hidden Hype Youtube Channel Launch!  First video!!

Hidden Hype Youtube Channel Launch. Big moves! Check it out..

Hidden Hype Youtube channel is officially here!  After many requests, we officially launched our first VLOG!  Our Youtube channel will consist of many topics.  Lots of education, fashion, news, testimonials, history & more so stay tuned. 


Our first Vlog for our YouTube channel explains what you can look forward to viewing in the near future.  I never used adobe premiere before, but it is addicting.  I always love to learn and now I can't get off this program.  Super fun to use.  Being familiar with photography and Photoshop, it was easy to catch on.  My camera set up is nice.  I recently picked up the new Canon EOS R and 18-35 Lens.  The mirror less body is dope and a big upgrade from my Canon 6D that I've used for years.  I have a 35MM 1.4 lens, but I didn't use it for the vlog.  That lens is more for portrait photography IMO.  I will use that lens in the future for other videos.  Glad you are all part of this journey with me and I look forward to increasing my skills with video and making an entertaining & educating YouTube channel.  Please Click this link and subscribe to our channel.


Check out the Video below and let me know what you think!



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