Kappa Women's Holiday New Arrivals!

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Kappa for Women's Holiday pieces just hit the shop. Sweat suits, beanies, accessories & More!

Kappa Women's Holiday collection is here!  As Hidden Hype continuously grows, fortunately, so does our inventory & selection. That being said, we just got in some more dope Kappa product for the ladies this week!

Kappa has been popping off all year & there is never disappointment when we receive new drops. Though Kappa sticks to a more simple style & product, that logo never goes unnoticed.

Fashion trends are continuously dying down & in time, eventually coming back around. No matter what’s in style at the moment, being comfortable should be a necessity where ever you are going or what ever you are wearing. Nobody wants to go anywhere in uncomfortable clothing whether it’s just a couple steps to your kitchen or to a turn up with friends.

Kappa’s clothing allows you to not only be comfortable but stylish wherever you go! The new Women’s collection we got in brings a couple more colors we haven't came across in previous drops.

Since it is a Women’s collection, more often than not, we will get more leggings than we do actual track pants. But not this collection! Even though both are great sellers we have some more variety for y’all now!

For this specific drop we got in some cropped crew neck sweaters, couple cropped crew shirts, track jackets, track pants, & one hoodie. My personal favorite has to be the
Womens Kappa Anniston Jacket in black & gold along with the matching Womens Kappa Wastoria Pants in black & gold.

I personally like the track pants this collection more because they are a straight leg fit opposed to a more tapered bottom.  Check out the pics below and let us know what you think!


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