March 2019 New Arrivals

March 2019 didn't disappoint. New Arrivals from your favorite brands: Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Kappa, Crysp Denim, Cookies & More!

March 2019 was a great month for street wear and Hidden Hype.  We received new collections from your favorite brands such as : Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Kappa, Crysp Denim & more.  Many new graphic tees, sweat suits, beanies, hats, hoodies & jackets to name a few. 


Kappa released some cool hype stuff for spring 2019.  They took their classic pieces and added a twist to it with alternate colored taping.  For example, they took the Hurtado hoodie and did black taping with white logo on one arm, with the opposite colors on the other.  Not only did they drop classic pieces, they released the exclusive Kappa Japan capsule. They took their iconic logo and made it smaller to differentiate the release.  The material is premium, and the fit is a little looser.  Hidden Hype received the Kappa Japan tees, track pants & Zip hoodie.  They branded "Like No Other" on a lot of the pieces.  They embroidered it on hoodies, put it on their hoodie drawstrings & More.  Look out for this nice detail on this drop.  This Kappa release is available at both Hidden Hype Locations in San Jose & Daly City.


Ice Cream by Pharrell Williams is always fire.  Hidden Hype is excited to be one of the only official retailers in Northern California to carry Ice Cream Clothing.  Being a Hidden Hype Boutique favorite brand, we're always excited for their new drops.  The Timeless hoodie speaks for itself.  The Grape Hoodie is a Serramonte Staff favorite, while the fanny pack is the Oakridge mall staff favorite.  They took the iconic running dog logo and did a skeletal twist to it with the xray tee.  Super limited guys so don't sleep on this release!  Ice Cream also dropped more Pins & stickers along with many other graphic tees and hoodies.


Billionaire Boys Club is on fire and the fire is spreading!  They came correct for spring 2019 with their exclusive collection.  They went to their roots by doing their classic arch & Astronaut logos with the star embroidery.  The Astronaut tee, beyond crew neck, dad hat are to name a few.  Not only did they do this classic print, they released new sweat suits, the multi helmet sweat suit is a staff favorite and the split logo sweat suit which is the San Jose Oakridge Mall customer favorite.  We love to get feed back from all of our clients and this sweat suit got the most buzz.  Don't sleep on their digi camo pieces like the dad Hat & shorts.  They executed this digi camo flawlessly. 


Crysp Denim always got you covered.  We restocked the Pacific denim black distressed as well as added a few new pieces from their collection.  Many new washes from the montana denim as well as pacific denim.  Match up any of the new arrivals with this dope, low price point denim! 


Check out the images below to see what we talked about.  Make sure to follow our youtube channel because we are going to be doing a lot of videos showcasing our product.   Check out the pics below and let us know what you think!







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