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January 31, 2018

Hidden Hype Oakridge Mall Visuals

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Boutique inside Oakridge mall visuals. Our first official visual of our Hidden Hype Boutique store just dropped! I had a vision and the homie @JustinOmarDirector came correct.  You can always count on my dude to execute.  Appreciate the work my dude!  In this video, you get to really […]Read more
January 17, 2018

Hidden Hype Remodel Complete

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Original Location Remodel is Complete. Hidden Hype remodel is now complete!  What up everybody.  Feels good to write this blog because as you know, Hidden Hype has come a long way.  We opened our first location in Serramonte Mall, which is located in Daly City, the San Francisco […]Read more