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February 19, 2020
Nef The Pharaoh Blog Off White

Nef The Pharaoh Photoshoot Look Book | Hidden Hype

RamiTest TannousTest :: Nef The Pharaoh pulled up on us the other day to do a photo shoot.  Nef, a local bay area rap artist, with recognition worldwide for his hits including “Big Tymin.” and “Bling Blaow” is a huge artist representing the Bay Area.  Not only is he a cool and humble […]Read more
February 4, 2020
billionaire boys club spring blog. new arrivals

Billionaire Boys Club 2020 First Delivery! New Arrivals Blog.

RamiTest TannousTest :: Billionaire Boys Club 2020 First Delivery is too dope!  Many Hyped, good quality pieces that you need for the 2020 year are in this collection.   I don’t know where to start.  From the many graphic tees, to the cut & sew jackets, long sleeves, polos, button down wovens, long sleeves, […]Read more
February 3, 2020
Off White Hardcore Caravaggio Zip Hoodie

Off White Available Now! Buy today in store & online.

RamiTest TannousTest :: Off White Available now at Our San Jose Hidden Hype Location.  We are proud to give you a great and growing selection of Off White clothing by Virgil Abloh.  Come by and check out our great selection of graphic tees, hoodies, long sleeves, crew necks, accessories like belts & more. […]Read more
October 31, 2019

Supreme, ASSC and Bape now available in store and online! Hype is here!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Supreme and Bape is now available at both Hidden Hype locations.  After many years of customer requests, we are going to offer Supreme and Bathing Ape for you all.  Not only will you be able to purchase these items in store you will be able to purchase at our online […]Read more
October 10, 2019
Chinatown Market Product review video

Chinatown Market Product Review Video

RamiTest TannousTest :: Our First product review for all of you! Subscribe, like & comment!!! We appreciate the support! We are proud to do a product review of the Chinatown Market Fall 2019 Collection.   This drop features graphic tees, hoodies, long sleeves, Parka Jackets, Coach Jackets & More. Check out this video […]Read more
October 1, 2019
chinatown market blog

Chinatown Market New Arrivals Blog

RamiTest TannousTest :: Chinatown Market new arrivals are here!  As you know, Chinatown Market is the street wear brand of 2019.  The hype is real.  They came right with their fall 2019 collection and we have it available for you to buy.   This collection features core designs and some new styles as […]Read more
September 30, 2019
ice cream new arrivals blog

Ice Cream Clothing Fall Collection | New Arrivals!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Ice Cream clothing is killing it drop after drop and we are excited to have the brand new fall collection available at both of our Hidden Hype locations as well as our online store.  So many cool hype pieces for you to wear for the fall and winter seasons coming […]Read more
September 27, 2019
fall street wear hype looks 2019

Street wear looks for Fall 2019!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Street wear looks for fall 2019 from Hidden Hype will have you looking right for the end of the year.  Excited to show you the look book video for our Youtube channel.  This is our 3rd video we posted and the first showcasing product that is available on online and […]Read more
August 22, 2019
cookies new arrivals blog

August Summer Arrivals (Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream & Cookies!)

RamiTest TannousTest :: August summer arrivals in street wear definitely didn’t disappoint.  Once again, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Cookies clothing come through with fall collections that are straight fire. Billionaire Boys Club featured their iconic space theme with dope track suits, hoodies, constellations graphics with embroidery and space patches.  My favorite piece […]Read more
July 22, 2019

XLarge Clothing Available Now! New Brand Alert!!

RamiTest TannousTest :: XLarge clothing is now available at Hidden Hype Boutique at both of our locations.  We are proud to be an official retailer for XLarge clothing. XLarge has been around for decades now and after opening double digit stores in Asia, they decided to start letting stores like Hidden Hype and […]Read more
June 15, 2019
chinatown market summer new arrivals blog

Summer New Arrivals – Chinatown Market, Embellish, Crooks & Castles + More!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Summer new arrivals are starting to come in and it feels like we are just getting started.  If you seen from our previous blog entry, we just received the Billionaire Boys Club drop and now we are coming back at it again with more new hype heat!  Chinatown Market just […]Read more
June 9, 2019
billionaire boys club track pants blog

Billionaire Boys Club Summer Release

RamiTest TannousTest :: Billionaire Boys Club Summer release didn’t disappoint!  As usual, Billionaire Boys Club is ahead of the street wear game and this drop once again proves why.  We are an established premier retailer for BBC Ice Cream so we get to pick from their whole line and selected over 30 new […]Read more
June 5, 2019
Hidden Hype loyalty rewards program

Loyalty Rewards Program Launch!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Loyalty Rewards officially launched last week at both Hidden Hype locations.  After many requests from our amazing customer base, we finally are rolling out this great discount program.  Hidden Hype has been open since 2014, and over the past 5 years of being the best street wear store in the […]Read more
May 27, 2019
free instagram weekly giveaway

Free Weekly Instagram Giveaway Launching this week!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Free and Instagram and street wear are something we all love.  Well, we are happy to announce that we are launching a free weekly Instagram.  We appreciate all of our followers and want to give back.   Our free giveaway is going to be really simple to win. On the posts […]Read more
May 22, 2019
new arrivals summer 2019

New Arrivals Summer 2019

RamiTest TannousTest :: New Arrivals summer 2019 definitely didn’t disappoint!  We received deliveries from Kappa, Billionaire Boys Club, Cookies & more for Men’s and Kids.    We received a ton of new product ranging from graphic tees, track suits, hoodies, accessories, jerseys, dad hats, beanies & more! Being a premier retailer for Kappa, we […]Read more
May 22, 2019
search by brand or size

Shop By Size, Brand & Category! Search tool upgraded.

RamiTest TannousTest :: Shop By size, brand & Category is a new feature that is ready to be used by all of our users. Hidden Hype is glad to be able to give you a feature that helps your shopping experience on our website. It is now easier to find your favorite graphic […]Read more
April 9, 2019

Publish Brand now available! New Brand Alert!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Proud to be an official retailer of Publish Brand. Available at both locations and online! Publish Brand is now available in store @ both Hidden Hype locations as well as online.  A Casual, Yet Intelligently Sophisticated Street wear brand.  Publish pieces are timeless & innovative. Utilitarian & Refined. Publish is […]Read more
April 9, 2019
chinatown market clothing

Chinatown Market Available Now! YES, You Read right!!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Proud to be an official retailer and one of the only in the Bay Area. Chinatown Market available in both stores! Chinatown Market is the newest brand on our ever expanding list of street wear brands.  We are proud to announce that Chinatown Market is available at both Hidden Hype […]Read more
March 31, 2019

March 2019 New Arrivals

RamiTest TannousTest :: March 2019 didn’t disappoint. New Arrivals from your favorite brands: Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Kappa, Crysp Denim, Cookies & More! March 2019 was a great month for street wear and Hidden Hype.  We received new collections from your favorite brands such as : Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream, Kappa, […]Read more
February 28, 2019

February New Spring Arrivals

RamiTest TannousTest :: New Spring arrivals from your favorite brands such as : Ice Cream, Billionaire Boys Club, Embellish, Crysp Denim, Kappa & More. Spring arrivals for February at both of our Hidden Hype locations and online store are available!  New Arrivals include tees, hats, beanies, joggers, sweat suits, hoodies, jackets, accessories and […]Read more
February 11, 2019

Hidden Hype Youtube Channel Launch! First video!!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Youtube Channel Launch. Big moves! Check it out.. Hidden Hype Youtube channel is officially here!  After many requests, we officially launched our first VLOG!  Our Youtube channel will consist of many topics.  Lots of education, fashion, news, testimonials, history & more so stay tuned. Our first Vlog for […]Read more
January 29, 2019

First BBCICECREAM Collection of 2019!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Billionaire Boys Club’s first collection of 2019 is now available in store & online! This drop definitely includes a lot of must have’s for the season. We’ve got a good variety of pieces for you guys. We brought in some neutral colored graphic tees, jackets & cut & sew, as […]Read more
January 13, 2019

Crooks & Castles Holiday Collection Available Now!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Crooks & Castles dropped their second collection of their new brand relaunch and you know we selected the best pieces of the collection to have available for all of our clients! Crooks & Castles dropped their second collection of their new brand relaunch and you know we selected the best […]Read more
November 30, 2018

Cookies Holiday 1 Collection NEW VIBES!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Cookies Holiday 2018 Collection has too much drip! Check out the hype of why Cookies is a Bay Area Favorite! Many new pieces from your favorite categories, such as tees, hoodies, jackets, beanies & more. COOKIES HOLIDAY UNBOXING! Cookies Holiday 2018 Collection just hit both shops! Don’t sleep on this […]Read more
November 29, 2018

Kappa Women’s Holiday New Arrivals!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Kappa for Women’s Holiday pieces just hit the shop. Sweat suits, beanies, accessories & More! Kappa Women’s Holiday collection is here!  As Hidden Hype continuously grows, fortunately, so does our inventory & selection. That being said, we just got in some more dope Kappa product for the ladies this week! […]Read more
November 11, 2018

Ice Cream Holiday Launch Unboxing – AVAILABLE NOW!!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Ice Cream just launched their holiday collection and its Fire!  We are one of the only stores that have the Ice Cream account, so you know who got you covered. Ice Cream just launched their holiday collection and its Fire!  We are one of the only stores that have the […]Read more
November 9, 2018

Billionaire Boys Club Holiday 2018 Unboxing. Available now!!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Billionaire Boys Club is back at it agian! Pull out your wallets and get your cards ready because BBCICECREAM just launched their brand new Holiday collection! Billionaire Boys Club is back at it again!  Pull out your wallets and get your cards ready because BBCICECREAM just launched their brand new […]Read more
November 7, 2018

Ice Cream Launch Now Available!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Ice Cream clothing just launched and dropped a collection for the first time since 2013! Shop in store & Online with free shipping on orders over $50! Ice Cream clothing just launched and dropped a collection for the first time since 2013!  Of course, they came with a clean collection.  […]Read more
April 8, 2018

Hidden Hype Loyalty Program

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Loyalty program is launching very soon. Hidden Hype affiliate marketing program is going to launch soon.  Yes, you heard correct!  As we grow, we want all of our supporters to grow with us. Soon, you will be able to get paid for reach referral that purchases something from […]Read more
April 2, 2018

State of the Brand : Quarter 1 2018

RamiTest TannousTest :: After closing 2017 on a strong note, 2018 seemed to be continuing on the same path. The growth of the company is showing and the hard work isn’t slowing down.  In 3 months, we accomplished a lot; From new brands, to finishing our remodel of our Serramonte Mall Location, upgrading […]Read more
January 31, 2018

Hidden Hype Oakridge Mall Visuals

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Boutique inside Oakridge mall visuals. Our first official visual of our Hidden Hype Boutique store just dropped! I had a vision and the homie @JustinOmarDirector came correct.  You can always count on my dude to execute.  Appreciate the work my dude!  In this video, you get to really […]Read more
January 17, 2018

Hidden Hype Remodel Complete

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Original Location Remodel is Complete. Hidden Hype remodel is now complete!  What up everybody.  Feels good to write this blog because as you know, Hidden Hype has come a long way.  We opened our first location in Serramonte Mall, which is located in Daly City, the San Francisco […]Read more
December 31, 2017

Two New Brands + Billionaire Boys Club drop

RamiTest TannousTest :: It’s 2018 and we’re bringing in the new year right! We’re always updating our inventory so that we have something for everyone who checks out our stores or online website. This time around we got a couple new brands for you guys to check out that we’re really excited about. […]Read more
October 31, 2017

Hidden Hype Boutique Daly City Remodel

RamiTest TannousTest :: Almost 4 years after our grand opening, we’re happy to announce that we will be remodeling our first Hidden Hype boutique location. We will remain open during normal business hours throughout construction because all the work is being done overnight. We know how important we are to all of our […]Read more
July 18, 2017

Hidden Hype Boutique #2 NOW OPEN!

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Flagship Location Now open inside Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA. I’m extremely proud to announce that our second location is now open! Hidden Hype Boutique location #2 is now inside Westfield Oakridge mall in San Jose, CA. For our second boutique, I wanted to make sure […]Read more
June 17, 2017

Hidden Hype Summer Collection Drops 6/24

RamiTest TannousTest :: The best Hidden Hype collection yet. This collection is based on the brand roots.  We are the Dying Breed.  Details, details and more details on every piece for this drop! Hyped to announce that the Hidden Hype Summer 2017 collection releases 6/24 in at Hidden Hype Boutique & Online ONLY! We […]Read more
May 4, 2017

Hidden Hype Store #2 ANNOUCEMENT!

RamiTest TannousTest :: I am excited to announce that we are opening our 2nd location! Yes, thats right, Hidden Hype Boutique is expanding and we can’t thank our supporters enough. .. Hidden Hype Boutique has been in business for 3 years, and it’s only right to open up our second store in my […]Read more
December 9, 2016

Essential Bomber Jacket Video Look Book

RamiTest TannousTest :: What up HH Fam.  Been a minute since we released a video, and thought we had to come right!  Check out the dope footage my dude @JayOmar produced.  Jay is a talented producer that has worked on many projects you probably seen for many bay area artists and clothing lines.  […]Read more
October 10, 2016

Hidden Hype Essential Bomber Jacket Drop 10/14

RamiTest TannousTest :: Everyone needs a clean, simple, great quality bomber jacket in their closets. With this Hidden Hype Essential Bomber jacket, you get all of that plus more. Everyone needs a clean, simple, great quality bomber jacket in their closets.  With this Hidden Hype Essential Bomber jacket, you get all of that […]Read more
October 9, 2016

Hidden Hype Classic Jogger Drops in 2 Colors 10/14

RamiTest TannousTest :: Your favorite fitting joggers are back! For the first time, we are dropping 2 blank colors in our amazing quality joggers. This time, we added a few more details… Hidden Hype Classic Joggers are releasing in 2 colors; Black & Grey.  These joggers are our classic 3 pocket jogger with […]Read more
September 22, 2016

Giant Underdog Photo shoot with @Showy4mayor

RamiTest TannousTest :: Had the pleasure to shoot Showbanga (@showy4mayor) a bay area artist for our Giant underdog Collection. Had the pleasure to shoot Showbanga (@showy4mayor) a bay area artist for our Giant underdog Collection.  The collection fits Showy perfect because he too is an underdog in the game.  His talent, lyrics, delivery […]Read more
September 14, 2016

Giant Underdog Collection Dropping 9/25

RamiTest TannousTest :: Giant Underdog Collection dropping 9/25. Have you felt like you are the underdog? Whether your an musical artist, creative artist, an athlete or at your current job? This San Francisco Giants inspired capsule is for you. The Hidden Hype “Giant Underdog” Collection features only the best quality, many details, and […]Read more
July 8, 2016

**NEW COLORWAY** Arabic Tee in Grey Drops 7/15/16

RamiTest TannousTest :: Our Hidden Hype Arabic script tee is dropping in a new color, on Friday 7/15. This classic Hidden Hype tee is available for the first time in grey with black print. Same great quality and same great fit for all you street wear Hidden Hype fans. We are working on […]Read more
June 18, 2016

Arabic T-Shirt Drops Friday, 2/12.

RamiTest TannousTest :: Arabic Tee Drops Friday 2/12 We’ve done pieces in the past with our Hidden Hype arabic script and for the first time it will be available on Friday 2/12. Our Hidden Hype Arabic script logo is on the chest of the tee. Hourglass logo on the back neck of the […]Read more
June 18, 2016

Killuminati hoodie drop

RamiTest TannousTest :: This hoodie is releasing in 2 color ways: Black/white & Grey/Black and will be available in size Small-2XL. If you have been rockin’ with Hidden Hype since the beginning, you know the Killuminati design we dropped for our first collection. We decided to bring this Killuminati Graphic back on a […]Read more
June 18, 2016

Arabic curved brim velcro dad hats & Paisley bandanas available now

RamiTest TannousTest :: Arabic Curved brim velcro strap dad hats & h paisley bandanas are dropping april 20th! We’re excited for our next release. Our dad hats feature only the most comfortable fabric with a fit that we had to perfect. Our arabic script is a client favorite. We are excited to release […]Read more
June 18, 2016

Warrior Collection Dropping 4/29

RamiTest TannousTest :: Hidden Hype Warrior capsule drops 4/29. 1 Hoodie, 2 tees, 1 jogger, 1 short, and 2 bomber jackets. For those that follow and know Hidden Hype, you know that we always think through each design. We want to provide dope double meaning designs with attention to detail and great quality. […]Read more